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The Quilotoa training catalogue

Our training offer revolves around the following areas. 

Know yourself differently

Communicate differently

Managing differently

Knowing yourself differently

Develop assertiveness

Managing your stress and emotions

Taking into account and valuing self-image

Getting to know each other better to communicate

Developing Audacity

Living Word- inter-company

Developing self-confidence

Affirming its presence in the oral

Communicating differently

Communicating: Fundamentals

Communicating with the media

Write with fluidity and efficiency

Communicating in a pedagogical situation

Communicating in a difficult situation

Communicating positively

Energize the welcome and the customer relationship

Relational training workshop

Developing attitudes of positive influence

Become an actor in its communication

Supporting a proposal following a call for tenders

Convincing thanks to storytelling

Public speaking

Expressing yourself with conviction

Effective speaker

Communicating in a professional situation

Investing digital speech

Communicating in a professional situation

Inter-company assertive Word

Manager otherwise

Communicating in a managerial situation

Speaking in public

Artistic teambuilding: boosting its cohesion

Developing leadership

Conduct face-to-face interviews

Event planning to strengthen engagement

Prepare, animate, facilitate a meeting

Feed-back a management tool

Inter-company influential Word

Managing your time and priorities

Raise awareness of RPS secondary forecasting

If you want to know more aubout that subjects 

An offer made for you

Your need is specific and we put at your service all our know-how to answer them.

After a collaborative phase of diagnosis and refinement of your needs, we build together a course and a pedagogical engineering that will allow an optimal increase in competence of your employees.

Our modules can be organized in different formats: workshop (1/2 day), training (1 day), formation (2 days). Courses combining different modules and different formats can be designed.




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Quilotoa creates solutions to make the relational potential of your teams an asset for your organization.

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