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Let’s build your training project together!

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“Methods based on permanent training, coaching by real actors and a requirement for results. This allows trained people to leave with real tools that they have learned to use. In addition, I greatly appreciate the management team’s constant quest for educational improvement and their willingness to innovate to better satisfy our customers. »

Frédéric Douillet

Directeur du réseau – Optic 2000

“Quilotoa is one of our historical partners. Nearly 150 employees have had the opportunity, over the past 4 years, to take advantage of the advice of Quilotoa’s trainers. The small number of participants makes it possible to circulate the word in the group. We note that their speaking skills are improving in impact thanks to the work done during this training, both in terms of content and form.”

Maud Donnadieu

Training Manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

“Quilotoa has been supporting us for several years on communication or customer relations training. The almost systematic use of actors allows for very powerful approaches. Quilotoa offers us various consultant profiles, which allows us to find the right resource for the right project.”

Céline Puech

IDLM Training Project Manager

“We sustainably activate relational skills”

Relational skills bring us back to our universal identity as human beings in search of exchanges, contacts and emotions! The world of Human Resources now has a clear perception of the importance of the quality of relationships in the sphere of cooperation as well as in that of customer relations.
Quilotoa has been working for 25 years to increase the quality and density of interpersonal relationships over the long term. They are a key to quality of life and performance!

Christophe QUESNE, Director of the Quilotoa Group

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Quilotoa creates solutions to make the relational potential of your teams an asset for your organization.

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